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LG G5 Launching April 8 In Canada


The LG G5 really turned heads at MWC this year.  Yes, many people will still probably flock to the new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, but the modular design of the LG G5 is really intriguing and could be the next step in mobile tech.

Now if you’ve been itching to get your hands on LG’s latest flagship we’ve got good news for you as we’ve finally got a launch date for the new phone.  LG has informed us that the LG G5 will launch on April 8 on all major Canadian carriers!  The phone will be available in three colours: Silver, Titan and Pink.

In addition to the phone, LG has stated that the wonderful accessories known as LG Friends will also make their way to Canada, including the 360 degree camera.  Availability of the Friends has not been disclosed yet but we’ll let you know once we get an update.

Lastly, LG has stated that several carriers will be offering special gifts with pre-orders.  Rogers and Fido, for example, are offering one the Friends with pre-orders, the CAM plus.  We’ll let you know about the other offers as they become public.

I’m really interested to see how the G5 is received this year.  The company clearly put a lot of thought into the device and took a bit of a gamble with the modular design.  Hopefully it pays off for them