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LG G5 Friends Pricing Unveiled

LG G5 Accessories

The LG G5 hits the market tomorrow and some of its Friends will soon be joining it!  While not all of its Friends will be available in Canada, three of them will, the LG Cam Plus, LG 360 Cam and LG 360 VR, and we now have some pricing for them.

The LG Cam Plus is the most affordable Friend at $99.99 (it’s also been included for free with most pre-orders).  This accessory attaches to the G5 and gives you a much more camera like experience for photo taking with a dedicated shutter button and zoom dial.  The LG 360 Cam does exactly what its name suggests, captures 360 degree photos and videos using a pair of 13MP.  This accessory is quite a bit pricier at $299.99.  Last up is the LG 360 VR, LG’s attempt at virtual reality.  This is also priced at $299.99.  The VR in particular may be a big miss on LG’s part as there are several cheaper options out there (the GearVR being the main competition) and early reviews online aren’t promising either.

We don’t have a firm release date for the Friends quite yet but I imagine that the Cam Plus will be the first to hit as it’s being included as a gift for pre-order-ers.  Once we have dates on the other Friends we’ll let you know.  We’ll also let you know if the other two Friends plan on coming to Canada.