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LG Confirms Two Flagships For 2016

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LG announced their 4th quarter earnings today and although things in 2015 were pretty good for the Korean tech company, things weren’t great either.  The 4th quarter saw a 12% increase in sales over Q3 but the 2015 Q4 numbers were very similar numbers to their 2014 Q4.

So what’s the plan for 2016 to try and boost profit?  LG confirmed in their report that they will release two flagship devices this year.  This announcement should’t be too much of a surprise as LG more or less did this last year with the G4 and the V10.  The V10 was a bit of a surprise in 2015 but it seems to have done well despite its limited availability so I’d imagine that a sequel to that device will be the second flagship next to the G5.

The G5 could be unveiled as early as next month but we’ll probably have to wait a little longer before we see a follow up to the V10.