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Latest HTC One A9 Promo Proves They Still Haven’t Figured Out Marketing

HTC’s latest phone is nearly upon us and despite some of the positive changes they made with that A9 (lighter skin, promise of quick updates) one thing that hasn’t changed is their poor marketing.

HTC has posted a new promo video for the A9 and in the near minute and a half clip, you only actually see the phone a handful of times.  Instead of focusing on the device and some of it’s perks, HTC throws out tag lines like “Be Bold” and “Be Loud.”  They also take a fair number of shots at Apple which is ironic because the A9 looks a lot like Apple’s latest batch of phones.  Yes… I know that Apple maybe borrowed some designs from the original M7 too and it’s a big “chicken and the egg” scenario… but I digress.

So what do you guys think of HTC’s latest ad?  Are they winning anyone over?