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Korean LG Commercial One Ups The iPhone Panorama Commercial

LG Optimus G Pro


Here’s another video for you Saturday afternoon.  Over in Korea, it appears that LG has decided to go head on with Apple in their latest Optimus G Pro commercial.  Surely you’ve seen the Apple commercial which features their Panoramic camera mode.  You know the one, the one that seems to imply that they somehow invented the idea of panoramic pictures (as you can tell, I’m not a fan of their marketing).  Well LG’s latest commercial pulls one of those “anything you can do I can do better” moments off as they one up the panoramic picture.

The first half of the commercial is nearly identical to the iPhone commercial with the exception of saying “Kimchiiiiiiiiiii” instead of “Cheeeeeeeese.”  But after that panoramic picture is taken, they go on to take a 360 degree photo with a feature LG has called VR Panorama.  In essence, it’s LG’s adaptation of Google’s Photosphere.

While some may say this commercial is lame or a cheap shot, I really like it.  The world needs to know that Apple didn’t invent… well the world and that all the other smartphones are just as capable (and I would probably argue, more capable in many regards) than the iPhone.  What do you guys think of the commercial?

[TechnoBuffalo / YouTube]

  • Using a nexus 4 and all I can say is photo sphere is complete utter bs…. Its practically useless