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It’s Official! The Iron Man Edition Of The S6 Edge Is Coming Soon!

Iron Man S6 Edge


While I don’t necessarily classify myself as a full fledged geek, things like this make it hard to deny my geekiness.  Samsung has official confirmed that they will produce a limited edition Iron Man edition Galaxy S6 Edge and I couldn’t be more excited.  The above teaser was Tweeted by Samsung earlier today and although we only get to see the box, it’s already ridiculously epic.

In addition to stating that this is “coming soon,” the Tweet also states that “availability in markets may differ by region.”  Unfortunately, they give no clue as to which regions will get a crack at this beauty.  Fingers crossed that we get some here in Canada but at the same time it may be best if it didn’t launch here as I’d most definitely throw my hard earned dollars at it.

What do you guys think?  Is the Iron Man edition S6 Edge on your wishlist too?