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Is This The White Nexus 4?

Is this the white Nexus 4?

Today was a good day for Nexus 4 fans.  The Nexus 4 FINALLY made its way back onto the Google Play Store (and at the time of writing, it’s still in stock! Incredible!).  And just in case that news wasn’t enough for you we may have our first sightings of the white Nexus 4 today as well.

Phone Arena received the picture anonymously today and based on their “investigations” the picture is legit and not a photo shop.  The picture was taken by an Optimus G so there is speculation that this may have been “secretly” taken by an LG rep.

When the Nexus 4 news was just breaking out there were some different store logs that had a white version listed, so this news isn’t just coming out of no where.  Perhaps this is one of the phones that Google will show off at I/O this year?

What do you guys think of the photo?  Real?  Fake?  And is it worth a look?


  • Jeremy Lukan

    This one actually looks legit, The others before were obvious negatives of the black one.

    • Tim Gee

      I also think its legit. And I think it looks good in white

  • Looks real, but I just ordered the black one this morning 😀