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Is This The Next Generation Moto X?

Moto X 4 Gen


The new year will soon be upon us and that means a new generation of smartphones are under development, readying themselves for their moment in the spotlight.  While most of the world will be fixated on Samsung and Apple, I’m excited to see what Motorola brings to the table this year.  I’ve been consistently drawn to them over the last few years but I have yet to pull the trigger on any of their flagships.  The first Moto X was too small for me.  The second generation’s camera wasn’t up to par.  After seeing the Moto X Style this year, I was all ready to pull the trigger  but Motroola crushed my dreams and decided not to bring their flagship to Canada!

Well maybe the fourth time will be the charm?  Speaking of 4th’s we may have our first look at the 4th Generation Moto X.  The above image made its way to the web today and according to the tipster, we’re looking at the 4th Generation Moto X.  As you can see, this device is all about the metal.  I personally like what Motorola has been doing design wise but the call for metal on flagships has been ringing loud over the past year and Motorola may be responding to that.

You’ll also notice a rather larger camera sensor on the back of the device which indicates that Motorola is taking the photographing capabilities of the device pretty seriously.  They haven’t always shone in this department but Motorola made huge strides this past year (of course, with the phone we DIDN’T get) so it’d be good for them to carry on that momentum.  Another odd design change is the rear speaker grill.  Motorola has made a name for themselves with their crisp loud front facing speakers so it’d be odd for them to move them back to the rear.  As for the rest of the design, it is still very Motorola-esque with the curved corners and rear Motorola dimple.

This definitely looks like an early prototype so things could change a fair amount with the final design.  Plus, we don’t know for sure that this is the 4th Gen Moto X so take it as it is.