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Is This The Galaxy S6 Plus?

Galaxy S6 Plus

We’ve been hearing a fair amount of chatter about a plus sized Galaxy S6 Edge dubbed the Galaxy S6 Plus (clever name right?) lately and today we may have our first look at the device.  Renown YouTuber MKB recently posted a video showcasing the new HTC One M9+ (a device we’ll likely never see) and at the end of the video he also showed off a picture of the S6 Plus that was provided to him by an anonymous source.

As you can see, it very much resembles the Edge with it’s dual-edged curved display but it is said sport a larger 5.4″-5.5″ display.  Other rumoured specs include the Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB RAM, 16MP camera, 5MP front facing shooter and 32GB of internal storage.  We still don’t know when this device will début but last we heard is that it’ll be showcased in the “coming weeks.”