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Is This Case For The New LG Nexus?!?

LG Nexus Case - 1

All signs seem to be pointing at 2 new Nexus smartphones this year and we may have a glimpse at what LG’s offering may look like thanks to a new leak.

Steve Hemmerstoffer of just tweeted a series of pictures of a pretty basic TPU case that is allegedly for the upcoming LG Nexus device.  As you can see there are several cutouts on the rear of the case which creates a little bit of a mystery: what are the three different cutouts for?

Possibility one: camera, flash, fingerprint reader.  This set up seems the most likely to me as each cutout would house a different element: either a camera, a flash or a fingerprint reader.  While a dual-camera set up is a possibility (see below), no one has really had great success with the configuration and it has often been tagged as gimmick rather than feature.  Nexus’ generally avoid gimmicks so a dual camera just doesn’t seem overly likely.

Possibility two: camera, camera and flash.  In this scenario I imagine the two circular cutouts to be for some sort of dual-camera set up while the squarish cutout would be for the cameras flash module.  If this were true, then the fingerprint reader (which I strongly believe will make its way onto the device given Google’s official adoption of the readers in Android M) will either be built into the screen or found on a home button on the front of the device.  This option doesn’t seem overly likely to me as I can’t see a Nexus device utilizing a home button and I’m not sure just how ready built these in fingerprint readers are yet.

Possibility three: camera, camera, fingerprint reader.  To me, this is the least likely scenario but still it’s a possibility that I can envision.  In this set up, two cutouts would house cameras with at least one of  the circular cutouts utilizing a circular flash module a la Motorola.  The third cutout, of course, would then house the fingerprint reader.

Now it’s completely possible that this case is much ado about nothing and all these possibilities are simply a test of my imagination but it’s exciting to think about what the next Nexus device may look like and what features it may pack.  Hopefully we won’t have to wait too much longer to see what Google is cooking up.