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Is The Nexphone The Future Of Tech?

I love innovation and I love concepts that help lead to that innovation.  And here’s a really cool concept that I came across the other day.  Introducing the Nexphone.  A smartphone that docks into a tablet, laptop, and desktop.

Rather than running Android on bigger and bigger screens, the device actually boots into Ubuntu, a linux based OS that feels more like a computer OS than a phone or tablet OS.

The idea isn’t a new one.  We’ve already seen a tablet dock with the Asus Padphone and there have been a few different teams that have been working on projects that boot Ubuntu when docked.

So while this concept isn’t brand new it’s one of the most polished videos I’ve seen of a concept like this.  Check out this video below.



  • Andy Duchesne

    I want this now…its the perfect set up

  • ryanmmoore

    that’s how you pronounce ubuntu?