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Is Optimus Nexus Going To Be A Vanilla Optimus G?

I feel like I’ve done a lot of articles on the Optimus G lately, and I probably have, but this will probably be one of the last now that the phone is official.  So I know a lot of people are a little bit down on the Optimus G despite it’s ridiculous specs.  The main concern for most people is the software.  Whether or not LG will handle updates will is the big question that’s leaving a big question mark in many minds.

Well what if software updates weren’t an issue?  What if the Optimus G was a Nexus device?  What if the Optimus Nexus that has been rumoured is going to be a vanilla flavour of the Optimus G?  Well that’s exactly what’s running around the rumour mill right now.  The rumour comes from Android and Me and while there’s no substantial evidence to back up this rumour it’s exciting nonetheless (at least to me).

As I’ve stated in previous posts, the one thing that leaves me hesitant with this device is the updates.  But if it’s a Nexus device you know exactly where your updates are coming from!  I can’t even begin to imagine what Jelly Bean on a quad-core S4 processor would be like.

What do you guys think?  Would you pick up an Optimus Nexus?


  • Brandon

    I would definitely consider it. Although, I dropped my Nexus S one too many times, and it keep frying batteries, so I’m using my HTC Dream/G1, so ANY NEXUS would do right now. Would not consider any non-Nexus, let alone an LG because of their update reputation.

    • Must have dropped it pretty hard, my Nexus S has taken a beating and still rocks right along.
      I picked mine up on the Canadian launch day (1.5 years ago) and I’ve never had to replace the battery. Though I must say it’s become a bit sluggish since the Jelly Bean update, and battery life dropped off around the same time. CPU monitor is pegged a good amount of the time…basically, still a great phone, but showing its age.

  • I’d like to know if all these new Nexus devices will be released/announced at the same time. My contract is up in November and I’m going to be sticking with a Nexus phone, but I’d like to see all the options. I’d personally lean towards a Galaxy S3-based Nexus phone but I’d give the Optimus a long hard look.

  • kurt hinds

    Nope! Nice hardware but the next nexus needs to be better hardware wise!