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Is LG Prepping A Smaller G4 Compact?



The LG G4 has barely had a moment to embrace the spotlight and already there is rumour of a variant of LG’s latest flagship.  A device by the name of LG G4C (model number LGH525N) recently surfaced on a Dutch retailer’s website and it has many people wondering what it is.

The device carries a much lower price tag (€295 or $400 CAD) than the original G4 (€650 or $890 CAD) so it’s definitely not going to be as highly spec’d but that still doesn’t really tell us what it will be.  To me, there are two possibilities.  The first is that the “C” stands for compact and that this LG G4C will be a smaller variant of the flagship that will likely pack mid-range specs.  With the exception of Sony, most manufacturers tend to greatly mute the overall processing power of their “mini” flagships.

The other possibility  that comes to mind is that the G4C will be like the iPhone 5C.  Similar size as the original but, again, lesser specs and likely cheaper build materials.  Again, these are just my hypotheses but I feel like they’re strong possibilities.

We also need to take this whole thing with a grain of salt as this is the first we’ve heard of a G4C but if the original website has their information in line, we won’t have to wait long to see it as it has a listed launch date of May 12.