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Images Of Two New Android Powered Blackberry’s Surface

Blackberry Hamburg and Rome

Blackberry’s foray into the Android world was, well, decent.  They didn’t bomb, but they didn’t win the world over either.  While their first Android handset, the Priv, looked good and worked quite well, the price tag was extremely high.  Well a new pair of Android powered Blackberry’s have surfaced and they are expected to carry a much lower price tag.

What you see above is a leaked image of Blackberry’s upcoming duo, currently referred to as the Rome and Hamburg.  As you can see, one of the devices, the Rome, will feature a physical keyboard and is expected to utilize a dual curved display like the Priv.  The other device, the Hamburg, is your more typical smartphone with just a screen dominating the front side.

As mentioned, these two devices are expected to carry a much lower price tag than the Priv.  Current expectations are that they’ll come in around $400, which is a pretty reasonable price assuming these pack some punch on the spec sheet.  I’m sure more specs will begin to surface now that these photos are out there.  In the mean time, enjoy these other leaked images of Blackberry’s upcoming duo.