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Ice Cream Sandwich Ported to Nexus S and more

Thanks to the hard work by XDA forum members dizgustipatedMongooseHelixstritfajtjaybob413, and onecosmic; the Nexus S, Droid Eris, Hero, Hero CDMA, and Galaxy S I9000 now have their first dose of Android 4.0. Please keep in mind, the projects are still in need of polishing. They’re not quite ready to be your daily driver, but considering how fast the pace is moving, you’ll want to stay tuned to the threads posted below.

It really is amazing how fast these roms are popping up. I really can’t wait for them to be stable and ready for everyday use. Will we have a non Nexus, fully functional Ice Cream Sandwich phone before Rogers and Telus have a chance to release the Galaxy Nexus in January?

Another question that crosses my mind is, Will these roms be released and stable before Cyanogen can get their roms out? Perhaps some healthy competition is in order here, and will only benefit the users as both sides would be pushing to have theirs at the top of the chain.

Here are the current links to the following ported phones over at XDA




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  • blah

    I don’t get it. It has been released, or have people copied it and released that because they’re impatient?

  • spam

    If android was designed correctly, compiling the newest build for your phone with a stock version of android should be easy UNLESS the kernel mode requires a driver redesign.  If the drivers do not require rewriting due to kernel mods, then rebuilding it all from source should be ALL that is required for a vanilla andriod experience for ANY phone.

    Kernels tend to be tweaked and refined- small changes, bug fixes and new features for new hardware – this is why Windows 7 can use XP drivers.  Interface changes can be dramatic and sweeping.  Things like Samgsung TouchWiz are the bits that should cause the most problems – assuming you want to port them forward.

    If google did it’s job correctly, we should all have ice cream sandwich about the same time.