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HTC’s Next Flagship To Be Name The HTC 10


Earlier today we got our best look at HTC’s new device, tentatively referred to as the HTC One M10.  Well it appears that that will not be the name of HTC’s new flagship.

There had been some rumblings that HTC would ditch the “One” moniker and according to @evleaks, that is indeed the case.  According to the leakster, HTC’s next hero device will be called the HTC 10.  Another famous leakster, @onleaks, also suggested the HTC 10 name in a recent Tweet.

Given that two of the worlds top leaksters are in agreement, it seems like a pretty safe bet to conclude that that is indeed the new name.

I’m not sure I’m a huge fan of the name.  I have no problem with the One moniker living on, especially because this new device is clearly a descendant of that line.  But then again, the name should be the least of HTC’s worries.  They really need to bring it this year and turn their ship around so hopefully the HTC 10 will do just that.

What do you guys think of the re-brand?

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