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HTC’s Latest Teaser Highlights The Camera

We’re just 5 days away from the HTC 10 announcement and I for one am getting pretty excited.  And if you’re feeling the same way as me, here’s another teaser video from HTC to hold you over till the 12th.

This latest video highlights the camera on the HTC 10.  The camera has arguably been the worst feature on the One series thus far so HTC needs to step up in a big way with the 10.  Current rumours state that the HTC 10 will be using the same sensor found in the Nexus 6P, which is a great start as that phone is more than capable in the camera department.  The video also hints at OIS and 4K video capabilities.

How are you guys feeling about the HTC 10?  Are you excited?  Or have you already opted for the S7/S7 Edge or G5 for your 2016 phone fix?