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HTC Promising Every Software Update For The A9 Within 15 Days Of The Nexus’!

HTC unveiled their new HTC One A9 a couple days back but there was one little tid bit that I had missed during the initial announcement.  Apparently HTC is promising that unlocked versions of the One A9 (ie. those that are purchased directly from HTC) will receive “every Google SW update within 15 days of Nexus devices!”

While that all sounds wonderful, I have a really hard time seeing HTC delivering on that promise.  HTC is still utilizing their own Sense UI on the A9 which means that they have to apply that skin to each new update that comes from Google.  Unless Google is sending out the software to manufacturers way way waaaay in advance, I just can’t see how HTC is going to live up to this promise.

I look forward to being proved wrong but I’m also not holding my breath on this one.