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HTC One M9 Camera Now Supports RAW Files


In many ways HTC made the right move by ditching the UltraPixel camera found in the M7 and M8 in favour of the 20MP shooter they packed into the M9 but despite the high megapixel count, HTC’s camera is still lagging behind the competition.  While they can’t go in and change the hardware, HTC has been tweaking the software as they have already released an update that improved the camera’s capabilities a fair amount.  Now they have another little treat in store for M9 users looking to capture a better shot.

Earlier today HTC released a software update to the HTC Camera app found on the M9.  The main addition found in the update is the ability to shoot RAW files.  While your every day snapper may not know or care about the addition, camera aficionados will definitely appreciate the added file format.

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