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HTC M7 Housing Leaks

HTC M7 components

Here’s another leak to get your Monday going.  Etrade Supply, a site that provides housing replacements for many devices, has just listed some HTC M7 parts on their site.  The device is said to have an aluminium all0y body but from what I see it looks like it has that same kind of matte finish as the HTC One X+.  The overall design is more squared when compared to the HTC One X+ and is more similar to the HTC Butterfly J/Droid DNA that certain markets were graced with.  Here’s what the site says about the housing:

Product Features:

1. From the size of this front housing, we can figure out that the sreen size of HTC M7 is 4.7 inches.

2. The front housing of HTC M7 is made from aluminium alloy.

3. The rear housing of HTC M7 is very similar to HTC Droid DNA but without the metallic buttons and camera rings.

4. Around the edges there’s a hole for the USB at the bottom, a hole for the earphones on top, a power button on top left, volume key on the right side, below this towards the bottom is another button for the camera, and on the left side a slot for the SIM card.

5. Inside doesn’t feature something we saw on the DNA, the rubber gasket. So can’t drop this one in the toilet.

The camera also looks to be flush with the back now, again a minor change when comparing this to previous HTC devices which often had a slight hump on the camera.  Looks like a nice device so far but I’ll have to see it all put together before I make any final conclusions.

What do you guys think of these pics?


HTC M7 components  HTC M7 components

HTC M7 components  HTC M7 components

HTC M7 components  HTC M7 components

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