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HTC M10 To Follow In The A9’s Footsteps?

HTC One A9

HTC has been free falling for a couple of years now so the time for change is now.  Current rumour has it that HTC might redesign the M series for 2016 but according to a rather cryptic Tweet from @evleaks, the overhaul may not be as extreme as some may think (and maybe hope)!


Now Evan didn’t specifically state that he’s talking about the design but the software really isn’t that different between the M series and the A series so that wouldn’t make a lot of sense.  The design, on the other hand, does have some clear differences with the A series looking very much like a certain fruity phone.

When asked for some more information, Evan did state that an article was on the way so we may have some more information regarding the M10 soon.