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HTC Desire HD Update?

HTC is rolling out a new update (software version 2.50.405.2) for the HTC Desire HD, and they’re olling it out over the air. According to reports, the update will address the wifi issues that have been plaguing Desire HD users. Aside from that, we can expect some small bug fixes / squishes, along with the same Android 2.3.3 and Sense 2.1. As of now, the update is only being spotted on unbranded Desire HD units in Europe.

At least we know there is a fix in the works for the Canadians who are also having simular issues.

If any of our readers out there have gotten or are expecting the update, be sure to sound off in the comments!

[via xda]


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  • Lgrigaud

    I hope it also fixes the GPS issue I have been having since upgrading to GB. Can’t get a fix in less than 5 minutes. Any suggestions anyone? Tried GPS status etc…

    • Weird… Works perfectly for me

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    • Dan

      Are you rooted? Google search for “Android Revolution”, and in that main post there are a lot of pointers to things that will fix gps. Some may work without root – check them out!