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HTC Bringing Ads To BlinkFeed?


It’s not secret that HTC has been struggling financially for a little while now but it seems the company may have found a new way to generate some additional revenue, a way that many users may not be too happy about.

According to leakster @upleaks, HTC may be planning to embed ads and promotions into one of their core services, BlinkFeed.  While making money through ad revenue in an app is nothing new, adding ads into a non-removable app is something that many likely won’t be too fond of.  While it’s true that you can disable BinkFeed, I personally don’t think we should be force to view unwanted ads when we’re paying hundreds of dollars for a device, which includes hardware and software.

Perhaps if HTC did something similar to Amazon and offered a discount for ad-filled devices this would be a little bit more palatable; but if this is forced on users without their consent, HTC has got a big PR problem on their hands and, lets face it, the company doesn’t have a lot of room for error these days.

Of course, we don’t know that this information is 100% as it is coming to us via a leakster and frankly, I’m hoping the leakster got it wrong this time around.



  • Yuck. Hope that’s not true. The day HTC pushes ads in to my Blinkfeed is the day I install Cyanogen on my M8.