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HTC Boldly Claims The HTC 10 Will Be The “Fastest And Smoothest Android”

The HTC 10 event is just 2 weeks away now (April 12) and HTC has yet another little teaser for us.  And if you thought their last claim that they’ll have a “world class” camera was bold, wait till you see this latest one.  In their latest teaser/Tweet, HTC is promising that their new flagship will be the “Fastest and Smoothest Android.”  Pretty ballsy statement right?

Now I will say that HTC has done well in the past with optimizing their software to create a very fluid and smooth experience but saying that you’ll have the “fastest and smoothest Android” in a world that includes powerhouses like the Nexus 6P and Galaxy S7 takes guts.

Okay HTC, you have my attention.  Now you just need to deliver!