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HTC Aero Could Be The Next HTC Flagship

HTC Aero

The HTC One M7 ushered in a bright new day for the Taiwanese tech company but the sunshine quickly turned to storm clouds as the last 2 flagships from the company, the M8 and M9, failed to wow the public.  So what now?  Perhaps pull a Sony and throw another flagship on the market!

HTC’s CEO Cher Wang had hinted at a second flagship later in 2015 and now the leakster formerly known as evleaks, Evan Blass, has dropped a little hint of his own.  In response to a Tweet by another notable leakster, LlabTooFeR, which detailed the M9+ launch in Europe in Q3, Evan Tweeted “…followed by HTC Aero in Q4.”  While he didn’t outright state that this was said flagship, the time frames seem to line up so the possibility is definitely there.

In terms of what the device will pack, nobody really knows.  My best guess is that it would at least include a QHD display and a OIS equipped camera.  The Snapdragon 820 processor could also make it onto the device as that processor is also due out in the latter half of the year.  Again, this is all speculation but intriguing nonetheless.

What do you guys think HTC needs to do to turn things around?