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HTC Adds Two New Colour Options For The One A9

HTC One A9 Garnet

The HTC One A9 was one of the more intriguing devices the Taiwanese company launched last year.  The design was a bit of departure from their norm and very much resembled the iPhone 6.  The specs were good, but not great, yet the price would lead you to believe you were purchasing a true flagship phone rather than a very nice mid range offering.  The device also never made its way to carriers; instead, HTC is selling it directly through their website.

While I’m still not sure that HTC has a winner in the One A9, they have expanded the colour options available that may draw in some buyers who want a good looking phone.  The two new colours include Garnet and Gold.  The Garnet in particular looks quite stunning (in my opinion) and I’m really hoping that they bring back this colour option with the M10 this year as it simply looks amazing.

What do you guys think of the new colours?

HTC One A9 Gold