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HTC 10 To Launch On April 15?

HTC 10 Leak - 1

We know that the HTC 10 (or whatever it ends up being called) will be announced on April 12 but when will it actually launch?  While we don’t have a firm date from HTC yet, and we likely won’t until the launch, a rumoured launch date has surfaced.

According to Taiwanese tech site ePrice, the new flagship from HTC will launch on April 15, just 3 days after the announcement!  There weren’t any details as to which regions would be launching on this date but it would be wise for the company to do a relatively global launch at that time.  If HTC garners the attention of the tech world with this announcement they should really try to get it into people’s hands while they have their attention.

Of course, this is a rumour so take it as such.  Once we hear a more concrete date for a more concrete source we’ll let you know.