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HTC 10 To Feature “World Class” Front And Back Cameras

HTC has been really working to generate some hype around their upcoming flagship, the HTC 10 and they’re back with another little teaser.  This time around they are promoting their cameras which the companies CFO stated would be “very compelling

The tag line is a little odd to me: “World First, World Class, Front and Back, You’ll see.”  The third fragment is pretty self explanatory; HTC is promising a solid camera on both the front and back.  The second fragment, also pretty self explanatory; HTC believes their camera will be able to hold its on with the big boys.  The first fragment is the puzzling one: “world first.”  World first what?  Are they bringing in some new technology that the world has never seen?  Seems like a bit of a stretch but I’m at least a little bit intrigued.

As previously reported, the HTC 10 is expected to debut in April so I’m sure we’ll get a handful more teasers between now and then.