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HTC 10 Teaser Hints At New Boomsound Speaker

HTC 10 Leak - 1

Earlier today, HTC confirmed a date for the launch event for its upcoming flagship smartphone the HTC 10. Now the company has resumed its regular teaser schedule with a new teaser posted to its @HTC_USA Twitter account.

It looks like the HTC 10 might come with a next generation BoomSound audio system. BoomSound originally made its debut on the One M7 back in 2012, the One M8 and last year’s One M9 and it has since then been widely regarded as the best smartphone speaker system. No information yet as to what the new Boomsound speaker will bring but all will be revealed on April 12. Other specs for the phone include a 5.1-inch QHD Super LCD4 display, Snapdragon 820, 4GB of RAM and Android 6.0.


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  • robertkoa

    I’d like to see Stereo Top and Bottom Firing 1.5 watt Speakers !

    They can move as much air as Front Facing Speakers IF done properly.

    My Exynos Alpha with ONE speaker equals One 8 Mini.

    I hope HTC knocks it out of the park on Speakers and Camera…
    I may even get one IF battery is large enough.

    Big batteries are IN -say goodbye to superthin phones.

    No one needs a super thin Phone.