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Here’s The Official Product Video For The LG V10

LG unveiled their new multimedia powerhouse, the LG V10, earlier today and here’s the official product video for the new device.  The product video is very vogue-y but it does a pretty good job showcasing the features on the devices in between all the model shots.

Again, we don’t know if this device is coming to Canada but AT&T is expected to get the device so that improves the chances of us getting it here since the Big 3 use similar bands to AT&T.  Again, we’ll keep you posted on any developments on further availability.


  • lumberjake

    Please let this phone come to Canada. This is the only phone I have any interest in.

    • Steffy

      Same here..

      • lumberjake

        Got the lame news via LG Facebook that they have no plans on launch8ng this in Canada. This sucks. I jus5 don’t understand why we get screwed when it comes to stuff that’s w5 all exciting. They suggested I check out the G4.I have, and it has absolutely nothing that every other high end phone has(except replaceable battery, whoopie). The V10 is the ONLY phone that piques my interest and 9n so many levels, the design, the second screen(I like the idea of accessing music player without opening the entire phone), the ESS DAC audio, the manual controls. Frankly, I am pissed and if I didn’t want this so bad I would avoid LG altogether.