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Here’s Our First Look At Blackberry’s Next Android Phone: Codename Vienna

Blackberry Vienna

Blackberry’s venture into the Android world seems to be going pretty decently so far as reports of high demand  for the Priv are said to be the cause of shipping delays.  So what next for the Canadian company?  Another Android phone of course and this may be our first look at the device.

The photo was posted by the Crackberry team and shows off a QWERTY wielding candy bar smartphone working under the codename Vienna.  It kind of reminds me of the Z10 with a keyboard.  It’s interesting to see that this device, unlike the Priv, is sporting either capacitive or physical as opposed to the on-screen variety.  To me that’s just wasted space that could be used to make the screen a little larger.

As for other specs, we don’t have anything to share at this time nor do we know when Blackberry might unveil this phone officially.  Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see that Blackberry is committed, at least in part, to creating a line up of Android devices.  Hopefully this new batch of devices will help revitalize the company.