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Here’s A Look At TouchWiz’d Marshmallow

Samsung Marshmallow - 1

A few days back, one unsuspecting T-Mobile customer in the states received a very unexpected update on his Note 5.  That update brought his device up to Android 6.0 Marshmallow and although this was most definitely sent out by mistake, he has since provided a system dump to the geniuses over at XDA who in turn have provided us with a sneak peak at Samsung’s version of Marshmallow.

Now for the most part, TouchWiz is still very much TouchWiz.  The XDA member who had been testing out the ROM after it was made flashable did note some minor differences.  The color palette is now predominantly white as opposed to the light blue we had been seeing on all of Samsung’s devices.  The calendar, clock, file manager, and music app also saw some minor changes but they’re still unmistakeably TouchWiz.  He also noted that animations are overall smoother and faster and more Material Design elements have made their way into this version of TouchWiz.

New Marshmallow features like easy access to app permissions and Google on Tap are present and working.  Doze is currently not working on this build but this is definitely an experimental build so hopefully it shows up for the final version.  Samsung has also congregated all of their additional features into one spot in the settings menu labelled “Useful Features”.  Now nobody can complain that their mass number of features are too hard to find!