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Here’s A Look At Sony’s Trio Of Z5s

Xperia Z5 Family - 1

Sony will be unveiling its next batch of flagship devices tomorrow and while we wait for the official unveiling here are some photos to get you excited for the event.  The photos which showcase the trio of upcoming devices were posted by Dutch site  While there isn’t too much more to learn form these photos we do get a crystal clear look at the three devices: the Z5, the Z5 Compact and the Z5 Premium.  We also get a great look at the new button placement and the new etched “Xperia” logo on the side of the devices.

I’m still not too sure how I feel about Sony’s latest flagships.  While I still think they’re nice looking devices I feel as though Sony needs to reboot things design wise.  The “Z” series has lost its wow factor in my opinion and when I think back to the Sony of old (think Sony Ericsson feature phone days), they were always pushing the design boundaries.  Their devices weren’t just nice they were stunning pieces of engineering and craftsmanship and I keep hoping that Sony can recapture that in the smartphone world.  Perhaps with the Z6…

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