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Here’s A Beautiful Side Shot Of The Nexus 5X

Nexus 5X Side


We’ve gotten a good number of looks at the upcoming Nexus 5X already but here’s an angle we haven’t seen much of yet.  The guys over at Android Pit received this beautiful side shot from a source who allegedly has a Nexus 5X in hand.  While it doesn’t seem like much it does fill in a few more gaps.

As you can see, the devices volume and power buttons have been moved to the right hand side.  This is in contrast to the original Nexus 5 which housed the volume rocker on the left hand side of the device.  The devices left and right edge are also allegedly angled slightly to allow the device to fit more comfortably in the hand.  Speaking of those edges, the source stated that the frame is “probably not” going to be made of metal but they wouldn’t outright confirm that fact.

The one design choice that this picture highlights that some may not be too happy about is the camera hump.  While I don’t overly have a problem with camera humps on some of our devices these days, it is a contentious issue for prospective buyers.

Still no official word from Google as to when we’ll see the new Nexus’ officially unveiled but hopefully it’s coming up soon!