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Here Are Some More Shots Of The Upcoming Blackberry Priv

Blackberry Priv - 1


The more and more I see the Blackberry Priv, the more I’m intrigued by the device.  The device not only packs some solid specs but it also takes on a unique form factor, a form factor not often seen in the Android world.

Well here are some more shots of that unique form factor courtesy of redditor imsorandom.  The redditor had a chance to play around on the device recently and according to him, the device is even thinner than the Note 5.  He also noted that the curved display is very sharp which should be expected given that it’s rumoured to pack a QHD display.

He also commented on the slider mechanism and said that it seemed to be very solid.  It had “just enough resistance” and “wasn’t wobbly at all.”

On a down side, he stated that the camera didn’t seem to live up to the “Fast Focus” claim on the camera ring.  He did qualify it by stating that he was in a dim hallway so that could have contributed to the slow focus but it’s still not the news we want to hear.

The device is due out sometime in November and I’m surprisingly excited to check out the final product.

Blackberry Priv - 3 Blackberry Priv - 2