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Here Are LG’s First G4 Ads

LG is expecting big things from their latest flagship device, the G4, as they expect to sell over 12 million devices.  While the device itself is a solid contender for sure, what really makes a difference in this day and age is marketing.  Good ads can boost sales while bad ads (looking at you HTC!) can have the opposite effect.  Here are the first 4 ads that LG will begin running as we near the launch of the device.

The first two clips showcase two of the major highlights of the device, the camera and the display.  The second two showcase LG’s new leather backs which, while not overly impressive on a spec sheet, may win over some potential buyers looking for premium materials.

All in all, they’re decent ads but LG still has a tough battle ahead of them.  What do you guys think of the G4?