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Guess Who’s Back, Back Again! Nokia’s Back! Tell A Friend!

Nokia A1

Okay, slightly cheesy title but this is pretty exciting news.

A new leak has surfaced which seems to imply that Nokia is ready to re-enter the smartphone market.  The original story was posted by Android Authority who got the information from a “trusted insider,” so keep in mind that this isn’t quite verified yet.

The leak includes the above picture which allegedly shows Nokia’s first Android powered smartphone, the A1.  Side note.  Nokia had manufactured an Android powered tablet back in 2014 called the N1 so the naming scheme is at least the same.  So what will the A1 pack?  Well according to the source, Nokia’s first handset in…. man it’s been a while…. will be a mid-ranger.  It’s said to feature a 5.5″ 1080p display powered by the Snapdragon 652 processor.  While I’d love to see a flagship caliber device right out of the gate, this is probably the smarter route as most companies not named Samsung or Apple are having a hard time in the premium range

You might also notice that the interface on the A1 is a little different than your traditional Android handset.  That’s because the device is running Nokia’s own launcher, Z Launcher.  Whether this is just a skin/launcher or if Nokia is actually going to fork off their own version (think Amazon Fire) remains to be seen but my guess is the former.  It’s interesting to me that the device seems to be sporting Samsung icons.  Not sure if that should make me question the credibility of this leak but it’s something I noticed.

What do you guys think?  Would you be happy to see Nokia coming back powered by Android?


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    You should change your top story. G4 story is getting old lol