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Google’s Nat & Lo Unveil The Android’s Easter Egg History

Google’s Nat & Lo have been producing a bunch of YouTube videos over the past few months that give us a behind the scenes look at Google.  Their last Android related video gave us a behind the scenes look at the Marshmallow statue unveiling which was pretty fun to watch.  Well the duo is back with another video showcasing another fun element of Android, the Android Easter Egg’s.

As many of you know, Google has been hiding a little Easter Egg in the settings menu of Android since Gingerbread and with each new iteration of Android we get a fun new Easter Egg.  In the video, Nat & Lo uncover the history of the Easter Egg’s and their evolution over the years.  Although they wouldn’t unveil what Easter Egg was packed into Marshmallow, we already know that they re-hashed the Flappy Bird clone but with Marshmallow’s rather than Lollipops.  Kind of disappointing that they didn’t go a brand new route this but the game is said to be easier this time around (I was lucky to get past the first Lollipop in the old version).