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Google Explains Their Lack Of Influence On Motorola

When Google bought out Motorola back in 2011 many were excited about the possibility of Google having their own manufacturing company.  In a way, they would be able to better integrate their hardware and software, a model that is most definitely Apple’s greatest strength.  However, those hopes never materialized into anything and Google made it clear that they were going to keep the companies separate.

As you all know by now, things seemed to have changed with the rumoured Motorla X, a non Nexus device that would still run stock Android.  In other words, it would be a very Google phone without having the Nexus branding.

Today we’re also getting more clarity as to the process that we’ve been witnessing since the buyout.  When Google first purchased Motorola, the purchase came with a 12-18 month product pipeline.  This product line up was laid out by former CEO, Sanjay Jha and Google allowed this to play out for a while but it seems they’re ready to step in.  According to Google CFO, Patrick Pichette, the last devices likely to come out of Sanjay’s time will be the RAZR HD and RAZR M and a new Motorola will come forth to lead the company into the future.

The Motorola X is likely going to be the first device from the new Motorola and from what we’ve heard so far there’s a lot of reason to be excited.  Motorola could definitely reclaim some of that former glory they had from the flip phone days.