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Google Discounting Several Devices On The Google Store

Nexus 6


It’s a good day to do some shopping over in the Google Store as a number of the items in there are currently on sale.  The best deal is probably for the Nexus 6 which is currently a nice $150 off!  That means you can grab the 32GB version for just $600 and the 64GB for $650.  Yes, it’s still not as cheap as the Nexus 5 but it’s a heck of a lot more palatable than the original price.

A couple of Android Wear smart watches are also on sale as the Sony SmartWatch 3 is $50 off ($230) and the Moto 360 is $100 off ($180).  The Nexus 9 isn’t on sale but if you pick up either sizes (32GB or 64GB) you’ll be treated to a $60 Google Play Credit.  The Chromecast is also coming with a nice $20 Play Store credit so that’s also worth a look.

Happy Shopping!

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