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Get Your Tweet On For A Good Cause #BellLetsTalks

Bell Lets Talk

Over the past five years Bell has been raising money for mental health awareness with their Let’s Talk campaign.  Last year they raised $6.1 million to support mental health awareness in Canada but I feel like we can all help them do even better this year.  The campaign runs today only and you can help raise money by simply sending a Tweet with #BellLetsTalk.  You can also help by sharing the Bell Let’s Talk image on Facebook.  For each share/Tweet, Bell donate 5 cents so if there was ever a day to waste your time on social media, today is it!

Bell customers can also help by simply placing a call or sending a text.  Each call or text made today by a Bell customer will also raise 5 cents.  So call/text your mom today and tell her what a wonderful person you are in helping with this good cause!

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