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Get The OnePlus 2 Without An Invite On Black Friday!

OnePlus Blackfriday


The biggest drawback for all of OnePlus’ devices has undoubtedly been their sales system.  Although their invite system makes sense from a business and finance sense, it has infuriated potential consumers and has possibly caused the company to miss out on some sales.

Well according to a recent Tweet by OnePlus, the store will be WIDE OPEN… well, at least for a few days.  OnePlus announced that they will sell their 2015 flagship, the OnePlus 2, without an invite from November 27-November 30!  The occasion?  Black Friday of course!

Despite some of its shortcomings, the OnePlus still offers some of the best bang for buck on the market so it’s definitely worth a look if you’re looking to get a phone on the cheap.