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Galaxy S7 Release Date Outed By China Mobile?

S7 China Mobile

The Galaxy S7 will without a doubt be one of thee most popular smartphones in 2016 and rumour has it that we could see the device sometime in Q1!  Well we may have an even clearer time frame for Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” if China Mobile knows their stuff.

A slide from an event China Mobile hosted has surfaced recently and it details several upcoming devices and their expected release dates.  According to the slide, the Galaxy S7 is expected to make its way to the carrier sometime in March 2016!  The slide also notes that the device will cost more than 3000 Yuan which equates to about $650+ CAD.  I actually expect the retail price to be a fair amount more than $650 given what previous Samsung flagships have cost.

No other details were made known on the slide and we can’t say for sure if this will be the release date but its the best information we have to date so we’ll have to see how things go.