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Galaxy S7 May Come In Two Sizes


Rumours surrounding Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S7, have begun to hit the web and today we have another one to pass your way.  According to Korean news site, Samsung will offer the Galaxy S7 in two sizes.  The larger will be 5.8″ while the smaller will be 5.2″.  The report also claims that Samsung will up the ante in terms of screen resolution and will pack the S7 with a 4K display.

While this definitely seems like an odd move, Samsung essentially did this already this past year with the S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ which sport a 5.1″ and 5.7″ display respectively.  The big question then is whether or not Samsung still release both flat and curved models with the S7 and if they do, will both come in two sizes.

So when will we see the Galaxy S7?  Well the report states that Samsung will be releasing these devices before the calendar year flips over but I’m not buying that rumour.