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Galaxy S7 Chassis Leaks. Confirms Similar Design

Galaxy S7 Chassis - 1


I’ve got some more Galaxy S7 rumours and leaks for ya on this lovely Friday afternoon.  Some more alleged photos of the S7 have surfaced but this time they’re not renders, they’re actual shots of the chassis!

If these photos are indeed legitimate, they once again confirm that the Galaxy S7 is going to look a lot like the Galaxy S6 with is metal frame sandwiched between two pieces of glass.  I’m assuming that this frame is for the plain Jane S7 because it doesn’t look like the frame tapers in on the sides like on the Edge which means that one minor change is that the SIM tray has been move to the top of the device as opposed to being on the side.  I also don’t see any cut outs for buttons along the sides which is very odd so this may not be a final product.

What do you guys think?  Is this chassis for the S7?  If so, are you  glad they’re keeping things pretty similar to the S6?