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Galaxy S6 Plus Battery Size And Dimensions Leaked

Galaxy S6 Plus


Additional details regarding the Samsung Galaxy S6 Plus, aka Project Zero 2, have surfaced today and they bring even more clarity as to what we can expect on the upcoming device.  First off, the dimensions of the device were leaked and according the source the S6 Plus will measure in at 151mm tall and 73 mm wide.  The S6 Edge, which the device is said to greatly resemble, measures in at just 142mm and 70mm.  This once again hints at a larger display on the S6 Plus which is rumoured to be anywhere from 5.4″ to 5.7″.

The other detail provided in this most recent leak has to do with battery size, which is definitely a key specification potential buyers look at.  According to the source, the S6 Plus will rock a 3000 mAh battery.  While this is larger than the 2600 mAh found on the S6 Edge, it’s smaller than the battery found on the Note 4, a device which may share the same screen size and resolution.  Hopefully the 3000 mAh battery will be sufficient as it doesn’t look like this will be removable.