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Some Galaxy S5 Specs Allegedly Confirmed – Announcement Coming In March



The Galaxy S5 is undoubtedly going to be one of the top devices on the market this year and we may have our first bunch of confirmed specs for the device.  The information comes courtesy of SamMobile, an incredibly reputable source for all Samsung news, but as with all of this type of information take it with a grain of salt.  Now back to the good stuff!

According to SamMobile, the Galaxy S5 will indeed come with a 5.25″ 2560×1440 resolution AMOLED display as previously rumoured.  A 16MP camera is said to be the main shooter on the device but it is still unconfirmed whether or not Samsung’s camera will have hardware Optical Image Stabilization.  As with previous Galaxy S models, two processor will be utilized.  Samsung’s own Exynos 6 processor will be used on some devices while the recently announced Snapdragon 805 will power the rest.  Historically, the Exynos chips were used in non-LTE devices while Qualcomm’s chip powered the LTE variants; however, Samsung has stated that their Exynos chips no longer have any issues supporting LTE so it’ll be interesting to see how they decide for each market.

One possibility is that Samsung will divide the chips based on the build materials of the device.  That’s right, Samsung is expected to launch two different models with different build materials; one will be made out of plastic while the other will utilize metal!  Price wise, the metal version is said to cost 800 Euros while the plastic variant will cost 650 Euros.  I’m rather curious to know how they plan on marketing this duo as it’ll likely bring about some confusion.  Previous rumours indicated that Samsung may create an entirely new Galaxy line dedicated to these premium devices, so that’s one possibility.

In addition to these two variants of the S5, Samsung is also said to be working on a S5 Zoom and a S5 Mini.  The S5 Mini really isn’t a surprise at all.  Hopefully they take a page out of Sony’s books this time around and offer a premium compact device rather than a paired down version of the phone.  The S5 Zoom is a bit more a surprise as the S4 Zoom didn’t seem to be very well received.  Perhaps they’ve got some tricks up their sleeves to really make this a more viable option though.

In terms of dates, SamMobile did have some potential dates to share with us.  For the S5, we should expect an announcement in March with an April launch.  The S5 Zoom will be next with a May announcement date and the S5 Mini will follow in June.

Despite SamMobile’s good track record, I will still say that this information should be taken with a grain of salt.  Nothing is ever confirmed until its confirmed but this news is pretty exciting nonetheless!