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Galaxy S5 Marshmallow Update Rolling Out!

Galaxy S5 Colours

Happy Monday everyone!  We’ve got some wonderful Marshmallow related news for you as we jumpinto May.  The Marshmallow update for the Galaxy S5 is now rolling out to devices here in Canada!

So far I’m hearing that both Telus and Bell customers are getting the update.  No word from other carriers quite yet but I would imagine that those devices will be getting updated very shortly.

Just in case you forgot, Marshmallow brings several new features to the device including Doze and Now on Tap.  The update itself also brings with it your usual performance enhancements and security fixes.

As always, if you haven’t received the update yet (particularly if you’re on Bell or Telus), jump into your settings and scroll down to about device.  In there you’ll be able to do a manual check for the update!


  • grey

    Nothing on Rogers yet. But my experience with an S2 LTE and this S5 and “your usual performance enhancements” have not been good. Performance seems to get worse with each update. Want to give it a chance though before I switch to Cyanogenmod or something.

  • Someone_asdfg

    Wind is offering the update as well.

  • RogersSux

    How bout posting the carrier names in the titles?

    Rogers won’t see marshmallow till mid summer. Friggin click bait….