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Galaxy S line now gets CM9 nightlies; a taste of ICS

According to our recent survey, about 10% of you are on a Galaxy S device.

Now, we all know that unfortunately you will not be tasting ICS on the device (tho, you may get some of the value pack that’s out there); however, the Cyanogenmod team wants to help breathe new life into these devices.

Cyanogenmod has now introduced the nightly releases for the Galaxy S line.

For those of you using the Vibrant, there’s the Vibrantmtd

For those of you using the Fascinate, there’s the Fascinatemtd (not yet released)

For those of you using the Captivate, there’s the Captivatemtd

A quick peruse through the Wiki/Forum on Cyanogenmod will help you determine the shortcomings of each possible nightly for your device.

Happy flashing!

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