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Galaxy Note 2 Announcement August 30?


This came as music to my ears!  August 30th could be the day that I (I mean we) get the first glance at my (I mean our) next device, the Galaxy Note 2.  Apparently, Samsung has announced an Unpacked event to be held August 30, just ahead of the kickoff for IFA (where many believed Samsung would announce this new device).

So why am I so excited for this device?  Well if the rumors hold up, the Galaxy Note will feature a 5.5-inch display while not increasing its footprint, an Exynos quad-core CPU, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a 13MP camera.  Even if those aren’t the exact specs, I’m certain this device will be amazing.

In the few days I’ve been writing here I’ve already mentioned the Note several times, and that’s simply because I think it’s the best device out there!  And I’m certain that the sequel will be just as good.  I realize this phablet isn’t for everyone, but I for one am anxious to see what Samsung has in store.


  • Jeffpoze

    cant wait to see the goodies of this phone aswell man 

  • Uiww

    I thought most of these handset makers agreed to stop turning out too many phones (so quickly) and focus more and building a few good phones? Didn’t the Galaxy Note just come out? So as soon as i buy the Galaxy note 2 i’m sure the third will be a couple months away. What a joke. I’ll just stick with Nexus phones. I’d rather get timely updates anyways